Wall Mounted Tempered Glass Shelf for Bathroom

Shelf has become one of the furniture that is needed in the home, either to put a collection of books, as well as for other purposes. Shelves are created in a variety of tiger functions, such as to put the book so that you can store and retrieve it when you want to read. Other […]

Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Stunning Bathroom Design

Bathroom vanities become one of the furniture you need, which you can use for a wide variety of the needs. It’s a piece of furniture consisting of a table, storage space, as well as the sink at the top of the table vanities, and sometimes also comes with makeup mirrors. By placing vanities, that means […]

Awesome Glass Shelf Ideas for Your Home Interior Design

Placing the shelves is one way to create a room tidy and certainly beautiful to see, because the goods are falling apart altogether unwelcome, and it makes the room decor becomes uncomfortable. There are various types of shelf are made, and are offered in the market, it requires you to select multiple shelves that fit […]

Towel Rack Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

Shelf is not just for books, but other items can also be used as tool rack storage, such as towels, shoes, as well as others. Like the books, the shelves are made for towels and shoes also aim to be neat, and also easy to take it. Some types of towel racks can be found, […]

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets for Functionality Room

Bathroom medicine cabinets you can place in your home to keep if there is a part of the family experiencing health problems. This is one piece of storage furniture that you can use, which will help you to save some medical supplies, so that if one of the family experiencing health problems, you can quickly […]