Maintain The Carpet To Keep Your Wonderful Home Decor

You have carpet in your home? if so, you have to be diligent to maintain the carpet to keep them clean and durable. Carpet is one decoration for home decor, the goal is to use the carpet so that the room look more beautiful and elegant, and also for added comfort. Indeed not all rooms would be wonderful if fitted carpet, living room, family room, and bedroom is a room that is usually contained carpet, but it is your choice. The following is how to care for carpets in your home, and you can do and hopefully useful.

Carpet Maintain To Keep Your Home Decor

Carpet Maintain To Keep Your Home Decor

If you have new carpet, make sure the room you are going to put carpet has good ventilation, is intended for smell and dust that are usually found on the new carpet. For those of you who like to lay carpet for outdoor, do not put in direct sunlight, it aims to maintain color. To clean the carpet, you can use a vacuum cleaner, or use a special brush for carpets. Do suctioning dust regularly, three times a week is a good time, so the carpet is free from dust and your family will stay comfortable.

If carpet stains, you can clean it with water and a washcloth has high absorption. Wipe the surface with a stained carpet follow the thread, and should if carpet stains, you should immediately clean it. To keep the carpet surface remains flat, you can change the position of the carpet at least 2-3 months, so the carpet is walked on foot so evenly. The next tips is to wash the carpets every 6 months, and drying the bottom of the first, its to keep the color remains good.

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