How to Taking Care Rattan Furniture on Home Garden

Rattan furniture can be the perfect solution for outdoor, especially home garden, as will members beautiful addition to an outdoor seating area. Some rattan furniture available in the market is tables, chairs, and lounge chair. Rattan is also a material that is strong enough to weather the outdoors, so it will be strong and durable. Even so, you still have to know how to taking care rattan furniture, so that they will last longer, and you can use in the long term.

How to Taking Care Rattan Furniture

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Taking Care Rattan Furniture with Cleaning

Regular cleaning is one way of taking care rattan furniture you can do, and this is very good way to extend the life of furniture. Outdoor furniture will be very susceptible to debris and dust, which can make the furniture, will look bad. In addition, dust can also cause bacteria and fungi, and is very influential on the life of rattan furniture you have. You can clean the cane by using soapy water, soft cloth, and also toothbrush. Cleaning rattan furniture can do regularly, at least once a month.

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Taking Care Rattan Furniture with Protect the Legs/h2>
Legs of rattan furniture are the easy part is often damaged, when compared with the other part. It is often one of you to do is drag rattan furniture, thus causing more easily damaged furniture legs. You can protect the furniture feet with rubber put on the foot, because the rubber could prevent friction. Replacing the rubber at the feet of furniture is also not a difficult thing, so you do not need professional help to do so.

Taking Care Rattan Furniture by Store

Sometimes you often let your rattan furniture lying in the park, although it is not frequently used. You should know, that exposure to sun, rain, and humidity, could easily make the furniture being damaged. If you are not using the furniture, you should keep it in a safe place out of the heat and rain.

Outdoor Rattan Wicker Furniture Ideas

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Taking Care Rattan Furniture with Repair

Repair is very important to keep the furniture so that you can still use it well. Best quality furnishings, definitely there will be time furniture was damaged. Before the damage is severe, you should do the repairs. If you see the cracks occurred rattan furniture, you can use boiled linseed oil, and rattan fibers will absorb the oil, and will further swell, so that they will remain strong. While in case of severe damage, you can find a professional who will help you to solve your problem.

Rattan is a good material to be used as outdoor furniture, but you have to remember, that many things that can make rattan furniture being damaged. For that, you need to be taking care rattan furniture, so it will remain strong and durable.

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